New England Patriots Announces Retirement from NFL, with a Financially Savvy Retirement Plan

After nine record-breaking seasons in the NFL for the New England Patriots, tight end Rob Gronkowski has announced on Instagram today of his retirement. Despite battling numerous injuries throughout his career, and retiring before the age of 30, the 6’6′ freak of nature has broken NFL records for the tight end position in receptions (521) and  receiving yards (7,861), playoffs included (81 receptions for a 1,163 yards, and 12 touchdowns. Also a tight end record.)

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Retiring with 3 rings in a relatively brief stint of 115 total games, it’s safe to say that Gronkowski probably doesn’t have many regrets left on the field, as he’s stamped himself as arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history. Especially when you think of the life this man has managed to pave for himself upon retirement. Pasily the most charismatic personality currently in football, Gronkowski has stated in an interview for Chase (below) that he’s saved every paycheck he’s earned in the NFL (roughly $9 million, annually), rather opting to fund his wild lifestyle strictly through endorsements deals.

Looks like the 2nd-round pick out of the University of Arizona has done pretty well for himself, and seeing that built a reputation for himself as a showman off the field, we’ll likely still see him on our TV screens gunning for Peyton Manning’s endorsement record (I don’t think there’s a recorded record for this, but I’m sure he’s got it.)

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